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Saxon Evans DJ Gold Coast performing at a wedding

Humble beginnings.

With origins in the local club & pub scene I soon found myself performing at private parties and special events along side a 3-year stint as a breakfast radio announcer for 105.7 Radio Metro. My performances and business etiquette soon earned respect within the local DJ community and I before I knew it, I was a DJ for one of the most prestigious DJ agencies on the Gold Coast. Since then I have logged over a thousand hours behind the decks at high end parties, corporate events and weddings. Through this invaluable experience I have come to understand that every crowd has unique requirements. The need to discover the flavor of the night through musical experimentation each has kept my passion for DJing alive and most importantly, it’s kept that dancefloor packed.

A dreamer at heart. 

Over the past four years I have been dividing my time between overseas sailing pursuits and seasonal work as a mobile DJ in Australia. In 2019, I fulfilled a lifetime dream and purchased a small but sturdy 31ft yacht on the stormy west coast of Canada. I have since circumnavigated Vancouver Island, sailed the formidable west coast of the USA, explored the taco laden shores of Mexico and crossed the largest body of water on the planet - the pacific ocean. All with with the love of my life by my side. Currently (as of Sepetmber 2023) we are in Fiji, awaiting a window to sail to New Caledonia where we will stage for the 10 day crossing back to home waters on the Gold Coast by the end of October. A dream, realised. 

Saxon Evans DJ Sailing in canada


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